Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Card for Teachers

Every child in this World learns lesson of life from her/his teacher. A teacher makes us a civilized citizen by teaching us morals, principles and etiquettes. A teacher has special place in our heart which never gives out. The person who lives in our heart is the person whom we love. So, on this valentine's day, express your love and affection for your dear teacher with our teacher valentine cards. Give your teacher or guru a special recognisition by sendin our special valentine cards for teacher.
Teacher Valentine's Cards
Vintage Teacher Valentines Day Card

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's 2009 Day Ideas, Things, Dinners

Valentines Day of 2009 is going to fall on Saturday for all asian countries and Sunday for other World because of difference in time zones. Make your 2009 year's valentines day a memorable day for you and your lover. Plan for some beautiful things to do on this valentine's day. Celebrate your love and affection for the lady who stoten your heart by taking her to some romantic place where you can share cozy moments of love and desire. Enjoy the romantic festival with passion and glory and spend quality time together. Please find few ideas about things to do for the valentine's day 2009 given below :
  • Go on date to some malls, parks, resorts, restaurants, shopping complexes and other places.
  • Have elegant candle-light dinner together along with wine to create mood.
  • Advance book some tour package for your dear valentine to romantic destinations.
  • Enjoy sunrise and sunset together.
  • Go on long drive with some soft music to make both of more romantic.
  • Decor your bedroom like the one done on your night to encourage your love partner.

2009 valentines day

Teddy Bear Day Cards - I Love My Teddy Bear

Celebrate your love for cute teddies on this teddy bear day symbolizing love and warmth. Teddy Bears reflects the child inside you. Express your childish nature through warm feelings of soft teddy bears to make your expressions more meaningful and more real. If you are confused as what to present to your sweety this valentine's day then you can go with stuffed soft teddy bears. For the coming event denoted for all teddy bears of the World, you can share these free teddy bear day cards expressiong beautiful meanings of love affair for someone very close to heart.
Teddy Bear Day Cards Free Teddy Bear Day Ecards
Teddy Bear Day Celebrations Teddy Bear Day

Hug Day Cards - I want to Hug You

On this valentine's day hug your dear partner for hours making her/him feel your love and dedication. Do let your lover know that you are always there with him/her in every situation of life. Embrace your sweetheart or honey with warmth of your love in your arms. Hugging gives a feeling of love, attention, concern and belongingness.So on this hug day, do cuddle your families, friends, relatives, friends, lover or any person with whom you are emotionally attached. Exchange these free hug day cards, ecards and greeting cards as a token of your love for the receiver.

Kiss Day Cards - I want to kiss you

Kissing is one of the beautiful way of expressing love. There is a difference between kissing among couples and other relations. Couples kiss each other to express their loce and desire for love making. Kiss Day has been made for all people who want to express their love. It could be among sisters, brothers, friends, parents, couples and other relations. So exchange these free kiss day cards, greetings and ecards to forward your emotions of love.

Chocolate Day Cards, Ecards and Greetings

Chocolates are loved by all whether you are young or old, girl or boy. Its a perfect gift on valentine's day for your sweetheart who will love heart shape chocolated, truffles, gourmet chocolates, vermont chocolates and other flavors of chocolates. Chocolate Day is a day for all chocolate lovers who get gift boxes of chocolates on this day. You can also become celebrate this day by sending these chocolate day cards and greetings.
Chocolates For Chocolate Day Chocolate Day Greeting Cards
Chocolate Day Ecards Chocolate Day Cards

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Star Wars Valentine Cards

Access these Star Wars Valentine Cards featuring almost all star wars characters to suprise someone special in life. Star War puns are hosted for the special valentine's day celebrations. Add little extra fun for fellow fans and younger kids who enjoy Star Wars chocolate goodies, 3d work and lots more. So check few latest and few old star wars cards for the valentine's day. Hope you like them and enjoy doenloading.
Star Wars Valentine Cards Star Wars Valentines

cartes d'amities

Valentine's Day is a day when couples and lovers exchange hugs & kisses in air as a token of their love for each other. This day is observed in many countries. In France, Valentines cards are called cartes d'amities expressing tender messages of hearts beating for each other. For many people French Valentine Day is associated with valentine's day with couples having french kiss but no it the not like this. France has special tradition associated with valentine's day but that tradition of burning man's photos in bonfire by the lady whom the man proposed has been banned. But this segment explains the theme of France elegant greeting cards called cartes d'amities.
French Valentine's Day Cards Cartes D'Amities

Valentines Day Love Songs,Best Songs,Top Songs

Celebrate your date on valentines day with a romantic soft music and love songs creating environment for both of you to feel the love among each other and to dance on the music. Dedicate or play some everlasting love songs to tell your beloved that you are their for him/her forever! Say you love her/him with a valentines day love songs and let your unspoken feelings and thoughts come out in the beautiful lyrics of songs. You can purchase DVDs, CDs or cassettes from various music stores who offers special collection of love songs on V-day. We wish all happy valentine's day. Please find few famous love songs for valentines day below :
  • Baby I Love You - Jennifer Lopez
  • Give Me Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
  • My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston
  • When I Fall In Love - Celine Dion
  • When You Love Someone - Bryan Adams
  • Love Lockdown - Kanye West
  • Best of My Love - The Eagles
  • Love Me Tender - Elvis ...........

Lucky To Have You in My Life

Tell your lover, wife, husband or sweetheart how lucky he/she is for you. How you feel about that particular person in your life, what he/she has brought in yourself ? The day you been engaged with your partner, your life has changed. I am lucky to have you in my life, express these feelings by presenting these free cards and greetings.
lucky to have you ecard

You Are In My Thoughts

You are always in my Thoughts, My thoughts are always with you, I always think of you. Say these lines to your sweety or honey through our free collection of Thinking of your cards or you are in my thoughts cards available to all our online visitors with free download facility. So make your choice and get the most pretty card for your dear love.
Free Thinking of You CardYou Are In My Thoughts
My thoughts are with you

You Are In My Heart Cards

Download our free collection of cards and greetings to express your love feelings. Hold your partner in your arms, look into his/her eyes, kiss her/him face and whisper three magical words of love "I Love You" to give a big surprise. Don't forget to present this "You are in my heart" card to spread smile throughout life.
Always In My Heart Card
You Are In My Heart Card

My Heart Beats For You

Show your beloved that your heart beats only for him/her on this valentines day through our free collection of My Heart Beats For You cards and greetings designed specialy for valentines day. Create the magic of your love and romance by with this special rose ecard expressing your deepest feelings for him/ her. Because you're half of me my heart still beats ...... beautiful lyrics.
My Heart Beats For You My Heart Beats Only For You

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Messages Ideas, Cards, Greetings

Valentine's Day is a day for love expressions, feelings and emotions among couples. Make your valentines day memorable and romantic by confessing your love feelings for your beloved. Send these cute and heartfelt Valentine's Day messages to your dear Valentine for free. These are our ideas and tips about what to write in valentine's day card to raze the distance in between. Keep surfing for more fresh text message or message cards.

send messages on valentine's day

Smile Day Cards - Make your valentine smile

February is a month of lovers with valentine's day being the most important day of the month. Its a month to spread message of love, happiness and laughter. So send accross big smiles to all your dearones on this smile day through our free collection of smile day cards, greetings and ecards. Smiling faces always look energetic, cute and add an extra brightness to your day. Sp celebrate your love by confessing in front of your sweetheart and making her/him smile like a flower on this smile day celebrated every year on 8 February.
Smile Day Cards Happy Smile Day
Free Smile Day ECards Smiling Valentine Couples

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